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This patent declaration has been submitted to ICAO and IMO in accordance with ITU's "code of practice".

August 9, 2004

To whom it may concern within ITU, IMO and CIRM.


Patent Statement and Licensing Declaration related to the proposed IMO AIS Class B/CSTDMA Transponder.


This declaration is submitted in accordance with ITU and IMO requirements for standardized equipments. The declaration is an extension of the declaration covering AIS Class A equipment already submitted to IMO and ICAO on September 2, 1996 (see and

The Patent Holder is prepared to grant a license to an unrestricted number of applicants on a worldwide, non-discriminatory basis and on reasonable terms and conditions to manufacture, use and/ or sell equipment for implementation of the AIS Class B/CSTDMA Transponder in accordance with ITU's "code of practice" par. 2.2 and the ITU-T Recommendation (TSB Circular 245 IPR/MN). Terms and conditions are identical to AIS Class A equipment and are defined in the existing standard agreement signed with several manufacturers. The licence fee is not exceeding 5% based on the market price. The existing standard licence agreement covering IMO AIS Class A and Class B is available from GP&C Systems International AB.

The general conditions of the standard licence agreements are in accordance with common international business practices. However, as future licenses have to be similar to licenses already granted this implies that only non-exclusive world-wide licences for civil aviation and civil maritime application's are granted.

Patent investigations have discovered that the proposed AIS Class B/CSTDMA Transponders are potentially infringing also other patents than those held by GP&C Systems International AB. Therefore, this declaration does not include other AIS Class B/CSTDMA patents pending or granted to other entities and/or individuals.

GP&C Systems International AB takes no responsibility for the functionality, capacity and compatibility requirements between the existing AIS Class A/SOTDMA equipment and the proposed new AIS Class B/CSTDMA transponders as required by the relevant international standardisation organisations and the European Commission regulations.


Dr. Håkan Lans

GP&C Systems International AB

Ringvägen 56E

133 35 Saltsjöbaden

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