ICAO VDL Mode 4 standardisation update

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ICAO Standard for VDL Mode 4 completed and approved.

The last milestone in the standardisation process of VDL Mode4 by ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organisation, was passed on 12th of March 2001. The Council of ICAO unanimously decided to include the proposed SARPs, Standard and Recommended Practicies in Annex 10. It will be published in November 2001 and at the same time supporting documentation will be officially available.


During a ICAO/AMCP meeting in Montreal 22-30 March 2000 the ICAO AMC Panel decided to recommend the VDL Mode 4 for adoption by the Air Navigation Commission - ANC and that SARPs should be published in Annex 10 in November 2001 after completion of the State Letter procedure. More then 30 working papers where presented (some of them are available at www.gpc/russia/index.htm).

This means that the work connected to VDL Mode 4 will be increasingly stable and that global test and implementation programs will speed up. The steps to come are of course additional standardisation within other fora such as EUROCAE, ETSI, AEEC.

More information will be available, as the report from the meeting will be available.

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Last update: mars 27, 2001.

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