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Mr Håkan Lans (M.Sc. Engineering, Ph.D. hc) is an internationally well known electronics hardware and software engineer who has been leading the development of many products such as the computer mouse (known as the Houston Instruments HIpad), the computer colour graphics (US patent 4,303,986) etc. After a degree in Engineering 1968 he continued for 10 years with research and development at the Swedish Defence Research Institute (FOA) and University of Stockholm. In the mid 1980´s he and his team started to work with the development and exploitation of a satellite navigation systems. The challenge was to develop the software and hardware needed to integrate GNSS navigation technology with different types of communication, navigation and surveillance systems. This technology is now internationally known as Self Organising Time Division Multiple Access (STDMA) datalink and has been decided as world standard within the UN special agencies International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The STDMA technology is also subject to European standardisation within the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) and European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE). The basic functions in STDMA was patented 1991 and patent has now been granted in most parts of the world (US patent 5,506,587). Mr Lans is also a holder of a multi engine pilot license. A brief summary of some of the achievements during the 1990´s follows:


1990  Awarded a gold medal as the Swedish Inventor of the Year.

1992  Elected as a member of the Swedish Inventors Collegial (Uppfinnarkollegiet).

1993  Received the International Seatrade Award for the most important innovation for maritime safety. The prize - a globe of gold and silver - was presented by the HRH the Duke of York at a Ceremonial Dinner in the Guildhall, London, April 26, 1993.

1993  Awarded the Gold medal by The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). The medal was presented by H.R.H. Princess Liljan at a ceremony in the Concert Hall in Stockholm, October 28, 1993.

1994  Selected for the American Laurels Award 1993 in Electronics. The motivation presented in Aviation Week and Space Technology 24 January 1994 was: "Hakan Lans of Sweden for inventing and testing of the Global Positioning and Communications System, which transmits GPS positions by an unusual and high capacity data link using time-division multiple-access transmission that has many possible uses including collision avoidance and airport surface tracking".

1994  Nominated as one of three candidates in the category Aerospace Personality of the Year when the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration was selected as a finalist in the Aerospace Industry Awards, Infrastructure category because of the system developed by Mr. Lans and his team.

1995  Mr Lans receives the Polhems Prize - a gold medal - for excellence in engineering science. The prize has been awarded to individuals from time to time since 1876.

1995  Mr Lans was awarded a prize as the Swedish Pilot of the Year for his leadership in the development of the GNSS Transponder for aviation.

1996  Mr Lans receives the so-called "Large Prize" by the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology for his long record of achievements in science and inventions.

1996  Mr Lans is elected permanent member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science (Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien -IVA) .

1997  Mr Lans is elected permanent member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Defence Sciences (Kungliga Krigsvetenskapsakademien).

1997 The Civil Aviation Administration of Sweden and SAS received the Aerospace Industry Awards (Infrastructure category). The motivation was arrangement in testing the ADS-B system developed by Mr. Lans.

1997  Named Swedish Aviator of the year. The award where motivated by the development of GNSS Transponder for aviation.

1998  The Civil Aviation Administration of Sweden received – for the second time – the Aerospace Industry Awards (Infrastructure category). The motivation was arrangement in testing together with Spanish authorities the ADS-B system developed by Mr. Lans.

1998  Mr Lans received the Positive Sweden prize. The prize was presented by the HM King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden, Mars 25, 1998.

1998  Mr Lans receives the Carl August Wicander award - a gold medal - from The Royal Swedish Aero Club (KSAK).

1999  Mr Lans receives the Thulin award - a gold medal - from The Swedish Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (FTF).

2000  Mr Lans was awarded the title "Swede of the World 2000" (Årets Svensk i Världen 2000).

2001  Mr Lans was awarded the degree Ph.D. honoris causa (teknologie doktor) by the University of  Uppsala, Sweden.

2001  Mr Lans is elected member of  The Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences (one of the Royal Academies).

2002  Mr Lans was awarded His Majesty the King of Sweden Gold Medal with high blue ribbon.

2002  Mr Lans is elected member of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) Social and Economic Council.

2003  Mr Lans was awarded Andréepriset from The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV is a government agency).

2007  Mr Lans was awarded The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Gold Medal of the first size.

2007  Mr Lans nominated (as 1 of 3 SMEs/research) to the European Patent Office and European Commission award "European Inventor of The Year" for inventing the STDMA data link (the IMO AIS and ICAO VDL Mode 4 world standards). EU/EPO Certificate and motivation.

2009  Mr Lans was awarded the International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) ¨Necho Award¨ for development of the STDMA technology used for ICAO/VDL Mode 4 and IMO/AIS world standards. "Necho Award" pictures 2009.

2011  Mr Lans was awarded the “Knight Cross for Order of Merits for Invention” for his development of the AIS system and his patented fundamentals functions for colour graphics.

2017  Mr Lans became an Honorary member of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer).

Håkan Lans:
Phone: int.-46-(0)8-717 92 18
Fax: int.-46-(0)8-717 92 19
Mob: int.-46-(0)70-697 43 64
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GP&C Systems International AB is a R&D company only, financed by international venture capital. The prime objective is to facilitate a wide spread introduction and use of STDMA technology for the benefits of the transport industry, and thereby the society as a whole. Intellectual Property Rights will be transferred (patent declaration) to interested states, companies or organisations. GP&C Systems International AB and it's associated companies has license agreements with a large number of internationally well known companies such as:

Apple Computer, Inc.
Canon, Inc.
Compaq Computer Corporation
Epson America, Inc.
Fujitsu Ltd.
Hitachi Ltd.
International Business Machine, Inc. IBM
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
Miro Computer Products AG
Motorola, Inc.
Power Computing Corporation
Seiko Epson Corporation
Sharp Corporation
Siemens AG
Sony Corporation
Texas Instruments Incorporated
Toshiba Corporation
Wang Laboratories, Inc.

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